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Release Day: 11.07.2021

Maria I.J. Reich: Kompost 

Gedanken, Aphorismen & Gedichte 

2005 - 2020

Limited Edition: 111 Stück


Artwork & Satz: Odelia Toder

Druck: Seltmann Printart, Lüdenscheid


August 22nd 2021 Very happy to receive funding by Musikfonds for my Duo collaboration with Mark Pringle (piano).


June 28th 2021 There is a release date for my poetry collection Kompost: It will be out on July 11th 2021! Looking very much forward.

June 8th 2021 I will give an improvisation workshop for Bundesjugendorchester (national youth orchestra of Germany) in July 2021. Looking forward!


May 21st 2021 Release Day of Fabia Mantwill´s debut album EM.PERIENCE at xjazz music. I led the viola section and played viola solos on the tracks Kumbukumbu and Festival at High Noon.


May 21st 2021 Release Day of Lander´s Single "Daily Life". I added strings to it. Available on all digital platforms now.

May 19th 2021 I just got invited as part of the staff for Open Jazz Jam Summer Camp happening at Aarlborg (DK) from the 26th until 29th of July in 2021. Looking forward!

More infos on the camp here

May 14th 2021 You can check out the commissioned text for the DSO Berlin concert now online.

May 1st 2021 I am invited as a guest professor for the improvisation workshop hosted by Ring für Gruppenimprovisation at exploratorium Berlin. It will take place from May 21st in the evening until noon of May 23rd. You can still apply until May 15th! More infos here.

April 8th 2021 I am starting another online seminar about improvisation in the classical concert. You can still apply until April 30th via my contact formula. For more infos please read here.

April 5th 2021 I am in the middle of the layout process for my poetry publication Kompost. So much fun to work on this with the amazing Odelia Toder for design.

March 20th 2021 Working on a new commissioned text for DSO Berlin as my writer´s alter ego Rhea Niema, a monologue about the universe... It is part of their program "planet rotation" and will be premiered on May 22nd in a streamed concert.

February 4th 2021 I´ve just had a nice Kick-Off for my Online Seminar about Klassik & Improvisation. Improvisation always played a major role also in classical music but was forgotten as a valuable art form in the concert context. I´ve done research on this topic for over 7 years now and I still discover so many interesting perspectives on it. 

If you are interested in joining the next seminar, drop me a line. There will be seminars in English, German and Spanish in the future.

January 25th 2021 I´ve wirtten a new poem as liner notes for the new album "Constant Calibration" by corinna reich quintet. To be released soon!


January 20th 2021 I just finished the production Moon Music at Neuköllner Oper Berlin for which I wrote a monologue for the moon, arranged music and played the viola and the electric bass. Glad to perform despite lockdown in Berlin.

Producing a film and working in a theater under lockdown conditions ... what weird times. Stay safe!

January 15th 2021 Happy New Year Everyone! The video about the Historical Windmill in Potsdam Sanssouci that I composed and recorded part of the music for is now online (see Media). Nicolas Haumann shot a beautiful short film about it. Thank you to Jonas Urbat and his Sound.WERK for inviting me.

December 16th 2020 I just received my copy of "Classical Concert Studies - A Companion to Contemporary Research and Performance", Edited by Martin Tröndle with my chapter on The Forgotten Art of Improvisation in the Classical Concert. Thank you, Routledge!

December 12th 2020 So relieved and happy about a scholarship that I received today by the Senate Berlin to continue working on my compositions for string quartet until the end of May 2021. I will keep you posted.


November 2020  I will publish my first collection of poems. 77 poems that I wrote within the last 18 years, limited edition of 111 pieces worldwide. In the editing process now and sooo much looking forward!

Oktober 2020 Exploratorium Berlin invited me to do an Improvisation Workshop at Haasenhof in November 2020 that now will be postponed to spring 2021 due to the Covid-situation.

Oktober 5th 2020 I´ve recorded some nice solos for Fabia Mantwill Orchester at JRS Studio Berlin today. Looking forward to the Album Release in Spring 2021!

September 2020 I started working on a string composition and production for Historische Windmühle Sanscouci Potsdam that will be finished later this year.


September 2020 Starting a new recording collaboration with Franzi Aller on electric bass and string-trio... Stay tuned...

August 2020 Wohoo, Tino Sehgal invited us to improvise at the exhibition DOWN TO EARTH at Gropius-Bau Berlin in August an September 2020 and I´ll take care as Artistic Leader of Stegreif.orchester.

Juli 2020 We finished our cooperation with Ludwigsburg! Check out here

June 2020 I will work on 17 tracks for Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele together with Jonas Urbat under the motto #weltbürgerinnen.

April 2020 Release of my composition "Final Song" together with Bertram Burkert, Franzi Aller, Konstantin Döben and Tilo Weber. Check it out

February 2020 We recorded my originals "Enrichment" and "Au fond" and beautiful pieces by Julia Bilat and Ruben Staub with One Earth Orchestra at JRS Studio Berlin. It´s part of a new album...

January 2020 I started to work for TUBALIRIUM at Pierre-Boulez-Saal as an Improvisation-Coach.

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Foto: Dovile Sermokas