© Dovile Sermokas


I am engaged in improvisation.

I improvise alone and with others, privately and with an audience, talk about it with and in front of people, give workshops, research, write and publish texts.


I compose my own music for myself and for others, write my own lyrics and poetry and create playful situations in which music can develop lively.


I play the violin, viola and sing at concerts, recordings and in interdisciplinary contexts with wonderful artists all over the world.

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© Dovile Sermokas

"The duo NIDO with violinist Maria Reich and vibraphonist Hauke ​​Renken is currently coloring completely blank pages. The two young musicians are just as familiar with classical music as they are with jazz. When they go into action together, however, neither one is in the service of the other or conversely, there is still a mere fusion of the two silences in the sense of the third stream. The duo's sound is almost unparalleled. [...] the subtle humor and the festive pleasure in the spontaneously calculated sound are particularly evident in the detail. The sound of Maria Reich is danced in a seductive way, [...]. Wherever they happen to be in their improvisations, what has just faded away always echoes in what comes after [...]. Reich and Renken still cast off their terrain with charming understatement, but it's only a matter of time before festivals and concert halls will invite this ballet of senses. " jazzthing 119


"It is fascinating to feel how much Maria Reich feels and thinks through her instrument. The composed and improvised passages form a strong unit, and with her music she has defined the exciting area between the styles in a very unique way that is very worth hearing." Sebastian Studnitzky


"In todays musical universe lives a fresh new voice that has drawn eloquently from the past and added to that elements all her own. Maria Reich paves a sonic path lined with exciting melodies, exotic embellishments and instinctive musicality and takes us down a road that proves to us all that the violin is still one of improvised music's leading players. " Greg Cohen


"She takes on the development of the concert through the centuries, records when, how and in which situations improvised was carried out, the importance of improvisation and interprets the reasons why improvisation disappeared more and more from the concert halls in the late 19th century. The increasing standardization, brought about by the cult of work, the cult of genius, civic striving for education, professionalization, its economization and many other things can certainly have led to the loss of the uniqueness of the concert event [...]. Reich's work is worth reading for everyone who is planning concerts and is grappling with the question of the future of the concert industry. Having developed this question and thinking it stringently and precisely makes the value of the successful work. " Prof. Martin Tröndle