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2022-05-15_Reich-Baumgärtner-Pringle_Foto_Dovile Sermokas187A7621.jpg

Dovile Sermokas


Solo Violin & Viola - Maria Reich

Like the reflections of light on an uneven surface. A gesture of hands in space that catches a glimpse. Spider webs vibrating and tearing. Beauty of the dirty, the rough, the open. The frequency of a space, an object, a body, suddenly palpable. Mutual world relations, inconspicuous, imperceptible, that weave between all things.

Solo Album out on Relative Pitch Records in 2024!

2022-05-15_Reich-Baumgärtner-Pringle_Foto_Dovile Sermokas187A6527.jpg

Dovile Sermokas

Reich | Pringle | Baumgärtner

Freely improvised music for Violin/Viola, Piano & Drums/Percussion.

Our Album will be out on Dec 15th in 2023 on stssts records!


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Susann Jehnichen

Maria Reich Quartett

Music for String Quartet by Maria Reich

published at Verlag Neue Musik Berlin

Maria Reich (violin, comp)

Meike-Lu Schneider (violin)

Neasa Ni Brhiain (viola)

Jakob Nierenz (cello)

Listen here

Cymin Samawatie Sextett_Florian Schmuck.jpeg

Florian Schmuck

Cymin Samawatie Sextett

Sextett around highly acclaimed singer and composer Cymin Samawatie.

Listen here

PeterMeyer_Dovile Sermokas_5.jpg

Dovile Sermokas

Peter Meyer & Maria Reich

New music for violin, guitar and electronics. Compositions, fragments, improvisations. Electro-acoustic constructions, spheres, atoms, deconstructions, improvisation, pop, ambient, colors, sampling, indie, noise, prog, drone, beauty, dreamy.

Foto Eve Risser Laura Totenhagen Maria Reich.JPG

Maria Reich, Laura Totenhagen & Eve Risser

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