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Online Seminar: "Mit Klassik spielt man nicht?"


  • Welche Rolle spielte Improvisation in den letzten Jahrhunderten?

  • Was sind die historischen Hintergründe, die zum Verschwinden der Improvisation aus dem klassischen Konzert beitrugen? Was macht Improvisation aus? Wozu Improvisation?

  • Aktuelle Forschung zu Improvisation & die Wiederentdeckung der Improvisation in der klassischen Szene

  • Antirassistische & intersektionale feministische Perspektiven

  • Eure Fragen & Anliegen zum Thema


  • 7 Zoom-Meetings a 2 h im Abstand von 2 Wochen

  • Zeitraum: Mai - Juli 2021

  • TeilnehmerInnenbeitrag: 250 €

  • Begrenzt auf 8 TeilnehmerInnen


  • per Mail an

  • kurzes Motivationsschreiben

  • Beschreibung des eigenen Backgrounds

  • Anmeldung bis zum 30. April


Currently I'm taking part in an online seminar about "Improvisation in Classical Music" led by the amazing

Maria IJ Reich. She's not just a highly talented violinist, but also - as some of you surely know - a super-smart mind. I don't know many people whose knowledge about the essence of improvisation is so wide-ranging and close to life like Maria's.

Since the seminar is a digital one, it is basically all about theory, history and philosophy resp. psychology, and of course not so much about musical exercises which doesn't make it less interesting. I've already learned a whole lot the past two months and am already looking forward to the final sessions. If you're into some in-depth views on improvisation in context of what we superficially call Classical Music resp. "Kunstmusik" - as well as in context of our everyday life - I can highly recommend you not to miss the next round starting from May. See details below!"

Louis Rastig, April 2021

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