Maria Reich grew up in a family of musicians and began playing the violin at the age of 3. After graduating from high school and studying classical violin at the UdK Berlin, she first studied communication and cultural sciences & management from 2010 to 2014 with Prof. van den Berg and Prof. Tröndle at the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen Lake Constance, which she received with distinction for her work on improvisation through the centuries. During her studies she also spent a year in Trujillo, Peru, working and researching in the social music project Arpegio Perú. She organized her own concerts and performed regularly herself. From 2014 - 2016 she worked as assistant to the artistic director Steven Walter at the PODIUM Festival Esslingen.


In 2014 - 2019 she studied music at the Jazz Institute of the UdK Berlin and HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin with the main instrument violin. She studied with Prof. David Friedman, Prof. Greg Cohen, Julia Hülsmann, Stephan Braun, Ullrich Bartel and Dragan Radosavievich and worked on improvisation and composition. At the same time, she began her professional activity as a freelance musician.

With her duo NIDO (with Hauke ​​Renken) she played numerous concerts in Germany and abroad in 2015 - 2018, was invited to the RBB Kultur and Bavarian Radio and released two CD's, NIDO and Leitmotiv Grundgesetz. In 2017 she released the album Planet 9 with a female musician collective at the Jazz Institute Berlin.

She was a founding member of the Stegreif.orchester and played numerous tours in Germany and abroad in major concert halls in 2015 - 2020. Here she also took on solo, managerial and organizational roles, including for "Berlin steht auf", a charity concert for refugees in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. In 2020 she took over the artistic direction for the invitation of the Stegreif.orchester from Tino Sehgal as part of the exhibition DOWN TO EARTH in the Gropius-Bau Berlin organized by the Berliner Festspiele.


Her work "Prelude, Fantasize and Collage: The Improvisation, A Forgotten Art in the Classical Concert" was published by transcript Verlag in 2018 and will soon be published in an English translation by Routledge in the anthology "Concert Studies". Maria Reich is invited as a speaker to international symposia and gives improvisation workshops for Hitzacker Musiksommer, Pierre Boulez Saal Berlin, SEYO Greece, exploratorium Berlin, among others.


Live and in the studio she worked with David Friedman, Marie Séférian, Heloise Lefebvre, Greg Cohen, Bertram Burkert, Franziska Aller, Konstantin Döben, Tilo Weber, Claudio Puntin, Gerdur Gunnasdottir, Susanne Paul, Laura Totenhagen, Julia Bilat, Stegreif.orchester, zazuka, Fabia Mantwill, Tomek Soltys, Cansu Tanrikulu, James Banner, Stephan Braun, in Europe, Central and South America and played tracks for Universal Music, German television as ZDF ("Bad Banks"), Netflix, among others.


Maria Reich also composes music for her own string quartet, writes her own lyrics and receives commissions for dance and theater productions (eg "Irrsinn und Idyll" - San Louis Potosí, MEX) as well as commissioned compositions and productions (including for the Ludwigsburg Castle Festival, the historic mill Sanscouci).


In 2020 her single as a singer and leader "Final Song" was released with Bertram Burkert, Franzi Aller, Konstantin Döben and Tilo Weber.




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